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sunnydale_arts's Journal

The Sunnydale High School Center for the Arts
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This is the main journal for the Sunnydale High School Center for the Arts RPG.

The game is an alternate universe, and something of a crossover, blending the Buffy the Vampire Slayer fandom and the Lord of the Rings real person 'fic fandom.

The premise is this -- Sunnydale High School has a world-renowned program for the arts. The drama teacher, Peter Jackson, has decided to undertake what will be a monumental project this year -- a production of The Lord of the Rings. The Fellowship of the Ring will go up in November, The Two Towers in late January, and The Return of the King in May. The process is complicated enough by classes, homework, love polygons, raging hormones, sexual identity crises and the high school social ladder. Unfortunately, since the school also sits on top of a Hellmouth, it's about to get a whole lot more complicated.

In terms of the Buffyverse, the game is going to begin around the time of "When She Was Bad", in the second season. The basic mytharcs and episode plots of BtVS will remain essentially the same, it's just that the LotR actors are going to be involved as well.

Rules for the game can be found here.



First of all, see the list of available and taken characters to make sure the person you want to play is available. Then head over to this entry for information on how to apply.



Buffy Summers -- destructo_girl
Xander Harris -- xstuffme
Willow Rosenberg -- littleredtree
Rupert Giles
Cordelia Chase -- xqueencx
Oz -- ironic_wolf
Spike -- _the_big_bad_
Peter Jackson
Elijah Wood -- geeklijah
Orlando Bloom -- bloominsmile
Dominic Monaghan
Billy Boyd -- great_scot
Viggo Mortensen
Sean Bean -- bladesrule_sb
Ian McKellen -- so_fabulous
John Rhys-Davies
Sean Astin
Karl Urban
Liv Tyler
Miranda Otto
Cate Blanchett


Disclaimer: As evidenced by the fact that it's set in Sunnydale, this is fiction. As for the fictional characters, none of the players make any claim to them. No profit is being made from this game, and it's for entertainment purposes (and external use) only.